A New Day – Game Jam Build

A New Day is a very addictive fusion of match 3 puzzling and tower defense in which you build towers and gather resources by combining objects during the day then fend off monsters during the night.

Gameplay in A New Day is divided into two stages – day and night. During the day you attempt to match 3 of the various resources to form towers and other defensive structures which are used during the night to kill the monsters that are attempting to attack your home.

When combined, each of the resources crates a different tower type – trees form hides, mountains form mines which slow down the monster and and plants from spikes which damage enemies that walk over them. Some of these units can be combined again to create even more powerful versions – so for instance three hides join to form a guard tower. You can’t place the defenses, they’ll stay wherever they’re formed so you need a little strategy when creating them. Combining objects also creates resources which can be used to purchase extra turns and more health.

Once you’ve used up all your turns during the day night will fall and hordes of monsters will try to attack your house. They’re fairly easy to defeat initially,but as you progress the attacks get tougher and different types of monster are introduced. Make it through the night and the units you build will revert back to the items they were made out of and you’ll start building them again.

A New Day looks fairly simple, but its fun mashup of match 3 puzzling and tower defense can be very addictive once you get the hang of it. How many days will you survive?

Download A New Day Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)