A Normal Lost Phone – Game Jam Build

a normal lost phone

A Normal Lost Phone, an interesting game with a LGBT narrative made for the Global Game Jam 2016, has you exploring a cell phone you have found and attempting to discover what happened to its owner.

You’ve found a cell phone that belonged to a person named Sam. Sam seems to have many texts from both friends and family, as well as a few apps and pictures. Apparently, today is Sam’s birthday. By the looks of these text, he didn’t show up to his party and his family is looking for him. It’s strange that you found his phone, which even has some locked apps and unsent messages on it. Curiosity will get the best of you. You must explore the texts, figure out the codes, and find out what is going on in Sam’s life.

This narrative is about an LGBT teen turning 18. Sam seems to have many secrets, a love of dates, and the strength to change their future. Through his phone, you are able to take a small look into his life and his experiences – into what he has been through and how he has changed. This new phone has a lot to explore, even if you may not see it on the first look.  It’s a clever way of delivering a narrative, with you discovering more about Sam, the more you investigate the phone. Will you find out what happened to Sam?

Note:  Remember, dates are in the US format (MM/DD)

Update:  Due to the popularity of the game, the devs are planning to take it to this years GDC.  If you’d like to support them, please visit their crowdfunding campaign here.

Play A Normal Lost Phone Here

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    • Hi! You’re welcome, glad to help spread the word about your game – it’s a very clever way of telling a story. Sure, no problem, we’ll add the link into the article. Good luck at GDC! :)

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