A Not Very Well Written Book – Game Jam Build Download

a not very well written book

A Not Very Well Written Book, a game created by SeniorX for the Global Game Jam 2016, is a tricky puzzle based game that involves you having to analyse a monsters appearance and them dispatch them with a special book of magic.

A Not Very Well Written Book tests your observation and analysis skills as you identify and dispatch a variety of monsters before they can cause any more people harm. The game features a magical book, that has steps in how to dispatch said monsters with the use of a sacrifice. Thankfully the sacrifice is just a drop of your own blood, and with the scroll created the monster is banished from the world for good.

Each monster comes with randomly assorted eyes, feet and arms. Some have added features like flight, while others are just ghost out for revenge. Based on all these things you must read through your book of spells to correctly identify which symbol must be used in each of the three spell points. Not only do you have to work this out, you have to also configure the connection of said three symbols otherwise your spell will backfire and end up with your death instead of the monsters.

A Not Very Well Written Book is a beautifully drawn game, with colours that capture the monsters in all shades of light, some even look kinda cute instead of deadly. The book mechanic is incredibly difficult at first, but you come to terms with it over a few attempts and slowly you’ll memorize each feature without having to look at the book again. A Not Very Well Written Book is a fantastic puzzle game that will test your memory and your observation skills.  Monster hunting for bookworms.

Download A Not Very Well Written Book Here (Windows Only)