A Picture, A Memory – Game Jam Build Download

A Picture, A Memory is a wonderfully weird little narrative-driven puzzle adventure where a bizarre looking overlord of the afterlife allows you to recollect your best memory and bring it with you into the afterlife.

Taking around five minutes to play through, A Picture, A Memory takes place in the in-between world between life and the afterlife. To say too much about the game’s strange plot will ruin it, but it starts with you doing a little favor for the overlord of the afterlife, then solving a puzzle which will help you unlock a memory that you can take into the afterlife.

It’s an odd little game that treads a fine line between being eerie, funny and just plain weird. The visual style is particularly striking and there are some fun little surprises throughout its short playtime. A trippy little trip to the afterlife well worth taking.

Download A Picture, A Memory Here (Windows)