A Place For The Unwilling – Open Alpha

A Place For The Unwilling is a beautifully animated branching narrative driven adventure where the decisions you make shape your surroundings in a city that’s going to die in 21 days.

Drawing inspiration from Majora’s Mask and Lovecraftian lore, A Place For The Unwilling gives you complete freedom to explore a shadow-filled city that’s going to die in 21 days. It takes place in the same universe as The Night Henry Allen Died and sees you taking over your old friend Henry’s business after he dies. The game takes place over 21 days, with time constantly passing as you play (much like in Majora’s Mask) and your decisions affecting how the narrative plays out.

It’s a very stylish game and it’s impressive the amount of freedom the player is given. You can wander around the entire city and interact with whoever you like. The majority of the citizens are shadowy strangers, but there are also lots of unique characters to meet, from eerie politicians to chain-smoking child anarchists. The devs claim that you can complete the game by just staying in your room for the full 21 days, but you’ll have a lot more fun exploring, chatting and discovering the secrets of the city.

It’s a very unique experience that focuses on narrative rather than puzzles, but gives you complete freedom to unravel as much or as little of the narrative as you like. The artwork is superb, the characters are all very interesting and the game world is a fascinating place to explore. The Alpha is live until Monday the 3rd of June, so grab a key quick and see what hidden secrets you unearth in A Place For The Unwilling’s shadowy city.

Check Out a Place For The Unwilling on Steam Here

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To claim a A Place For The Unwilling Steam Alpha key just join the official Discord group and type “!get demo” in the #get-steam-key channel.