A Place, Forbidden – Alpha Demo

A Place, Forbidden is a creepy and atmospheric first person horror adventure where you search for a mythical occult tome hidden within the depths of a forbidden library hidden within the edges of existence.

After years of searching you have finally found the fabled “Library of Ouroborus” – a legendary library rumored to exist in many places at once and none of them at all. Gaining access to the library was surprisingly easy, but you’ll have to search for clues and solve a few puzzles if you want to get your hands on the book which contains its most powerful arcane secrets, which is hidden within its depths.

It takes around 10 minutes to play through the current build of A Place, Forbidden and it impresses with its ominous atmosphere, stylish retro visuals and intriguing lore. The puzzles are fairly simple at the moment, but hopefully they get a little more intricate in the full game It’ll be interesting to delve deeper into the occult horrors of The Library of Ouroborus.

Download The A Place, Forbidden Alpha Demo Here (Windows)