A Rising Bond – Alpha Demo

A Rising Bond is a powerful narrative driven third person survival adventure which sees a young man and a little girl trying to survive in a war-torn East European country.

The narrative driven adventure of A Rising Bond takes place in a fictional East European country that has been devastated by war. Buildings are in ruins, masked soldiers roam the streets slaughtering anyone they see and a lot of the people who have escaped from the clutches of the soldiers have killed themselves out of desperation. A Rising Bond follows the story of a 19 year old man called Alex and a young girl who he takes under his wing called Erika, as the two try to survive the horrors of the war-torn city they’re trapped in.

The demo build of A Rising Bond takes around 30 minutes to play through and contains a blend of survival and stealth gameplay as you explore the city, sneak past soldiers and scavenge resources. With its grim setting, stealth gameplay, faux father/daughter dynamic and detailed environments that do a lot of the storytelling, it feels a little like The Last of Us, but without the combat.

You only meet the little girl near the end of the demo build, but she’s a cute little thing that is a lot less bothersome than most AI companions. When you want her to come with you then you hold her hand (like in ICO) and when you want her to stay put you simply let go. Also, she’s small and able to squeeze through tight spaces which will no doubt be useful throughout the game.

There is a QTE fight sequence that feels a bit fiddly when playing on mouse and keyboard, but on the whole A Rising Bond is shaping up to be a very impressive game. The stealth mechanics work well (and are fairly forgiving), the narrative is interesting and there’s lots of great (and grim) pieces of environmental storytelling as you explore the ruins of the city. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here A Rising Bond

Download The A Rising Bond Alpha Demo Here (Windows)