A Scholar’s Tale – Student Project Game

A Scholar’s Tale is a dark narrative-driven first person platforming adventure that tells three linked stories as a scholar reads a mysterious tome found within a mystical library.

A Scholar’s Tale starts in a magical library that floats beyond a veil of distant stars, untouched by anyone bar the scholar that protects it for hundreds of years. However, one fateful day he enters the central library dome and discovers a strange time standing on a lectern. As he reads he’s transported to different places where he learns three stories of people linked by a powerful dark entity…

It’s mainly a narrative driven experience, with you gathering a lot of the narrative from the environment, but there’s a substantial amount of platforming in A Scholar’s Tale too. Your movement feels like it takes place in a low gravity environment, with you able to jump, double-jump and glide across large distances with relative ease. The scenery is beautiful throughout and packed full of little details to discover.

There’s a real joy to exploring the beautiful worlds of A Scholar’s Tale, thanks largely to the breathtaking scenery and the floaty low gravity platforming. Your meetings with the dark entity bring you back to earth with a thud though, filling you with fear and dread. What is it? What does it want? Maybe if the scholar reads on he’ll find out…

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download A Scholar’s Tale Here (Windows)