A Sister’s Journey – Beta Demo

A Sister’s Journey is a beautiful and challenging Sci-Fi pixel art action platforming metroidvania where you go on an epic journey to save your missing sister.

In A Sister’s Journey you will go in search of your sister Rena, who mysteriously disappeared just before a long anticipated reunion. That’s not your only problem though – mysterious events have started occurring in your world and monsters are now roaming around.

The action platforming gameplay in A Sister’s Journey is a little like Celeste, but with a gun and a non-linear metroidvania world design. It offers a nice mixture of combat, precision platforming, puzzle solving and exploration. Your guns come in handy for solving puzzles as well as combat, and you also have a nifty Celese-esque air-dash.

It’s a visually stunning game and the level design is very creative and challenging, requiring some problem solving and real platforming skills to traverse them. Highly recommended.

Download The A Sister’s Journey Beta Demo Here (Steam)