A Small World Cup – Game Jam Build

A Small World Cup Game

A Small World Cup is a very silly blend of football, ragdoll physics and Angry Birds-style catapulting in which you face off against one-man teams and attempt to win the Small World Cup!

A Small World Cup is very easy to pick up and play, with you simply choosing a team then using an Angry Birds-esque control scheme to hurl your player at the ball, with hopes of knocking it into your AI opponent’s goal. The winning team is the one which scores the most goals over the 90 second match time and goes on to play the next team.

It’s not that hard to beat all the AI teams and lift that coveted Small World Cup, but it’s great fun while it lasts thanks to its charming pixel art visuals and silly physics based gameplay. Forget the Frostbite Engine, Fifa 18 would be a lot more fun if EA just used this one!

Play A Small World Cup In a Browser Here  or Mobile Users Can Play Here

3 thoughts on “A Small World Cup – Game Jam Build”

  1. Hilariously fun! Loved this game a lot, managed to beat every team with some funny commentary aswell!
    Lets play available here if interested!

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