A Soul Ajar – Game Jam Build

the soul ajar

A Soul Ajar is a beautiful point and click experience made for the Indie Speed run 3.0, that has you exploring your motivations as an artist.

You have decided to go on a camping trip to reflect on who you are and what you do as an artist. Each day, you wake up and take inspiration from the environment around you. A sparrow in a tree, a Lilly flower, an old farm, all great things to paint. After you have painted your image you reflect back on it.

Most of the time these reflections are negative; you believe your work is amature at best. After looking at your art, you go to the library. There, famous books sit on the shelf. You get to read an excerpt from books like Frankenstein, the Bible, and Moby Dick. Some words in these books are highlighted in blue. You can choose these words to answer the question that is on your mind. After you have chosen three, you paint a picture about what you picked. If the words make sense and could be an answer to the question, the picture is more clear.

This game has a really nice graphic style and makes you think. You must spend time reading and understanding what is going on in this artist’s head. You must choose key words that could answer the questions this artist is desperate to know.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available