A Tiny Sticker Tale – Beta Demo

A Tiny Sticker Tale is a charming puzzle adventure where you collect and use stickers to reach new areas, complete quests and make friends.

In A Tiny Sticker Tale you are a cute little donkey who sets off on a journey across a quaint little island. Traversing the island won’t be easy, but you have a very special sticker book which allows you to pick up most of the objects (and even people) in the game world and place them wherever you like. So for instance, if you’re trying to cross a river you can go and find a bridge, grab it, take it back to the river and use it there.

It’s a wonderful little game with a very wholesome setting and world design that rewards experimentation. There’s lots to discover in it’s sticker-filled world and lots of fun uses for your stickers. A delightful sticky little adventure that will stick with you.

Download The A Tiny Sticker Tale Beta Demo Here (Steam)