A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country – Prototype Download

a tribute to donkey kong country

A Tribute To Donkey Kong County is exactly as the title suggests, a fan-made tribute to the Rare classic – and a rather good one it is too!

ATTDKC looks fantastic – the dev has gone to great pains to ensure it maintains Donkey Kong Country’s look and feel, but with beautiful Unreal Engine powered HD visuals.  The Prototype Consists of an entire first world, complete with Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, 8 well crafted levels, and even an impressive boss fight.

Still early in development, the dev has released the current build to gauge audience reaction, so if you want to see more Unreal powered Donkey kong, Let him know!

Visit the Official Website HERE

Download A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country HERE (requires a fairly powerful PC)