A Very Tale – GameJam Build Download

A Very Tale

A Very Tale, an Indies Vs Pewdiepie GameJam creation, is a rag-doll drag and drop adventure that may induce rage and laughter in equal quantities.

This wonky game has you controlling a prince who is on an adventure to save his princess. This princess was stolen by an evil man on a motorbike. Now, the prince must save her, but there is one big issue. He cannot find his sword. The raven who is in a tree by the prince seems to know something of the sword. To get this crow to speak, you must get the goat to poop out the item in which the raven seeks. But how do you make a goat poop?

Controlling this character is where the game gets even sillier. To speak to other animals, you must drag your mouth to them. To look at objects around the area, you must drag your eyes to them. To move, the body of the prince must be dragged to the location. To pick things up, the hands must be dragged to objects. All of this works just like a rag doll game, with lots of weird physical slapstick silliness.  It’s pretty tough, but the fun art style and strange movement makes the challenge very entertaining.

A Very Tale may take you quite some time to master, but it’s silly plot and even sillier control scheme are what make it worth playing.  Very silly stuff.

Download A Very Tale HERE (Windows Only)