a_neverending_night – Prototype

a_neverending_night is an intriguing retro visual novel adventure that takes place in an unfinished and buggy roleplaying program within a 90’s Yahoo! chatroom.

The narrative of a_neverending_night takes place within a_clearing_in_the_forest – a buggy Yahoo! Chat based program that would allow players to go on roleplaying adventures and preserve their stories within it. The program has long since been abandoned and the villains within it are now permanently killing off players and the program is erasing itself. It’s up to you to venture into the strange fantasy world of a_clearing_in_the_forest and try to preserve the memories of the players.

The current build of a_neverending_night contains around 10 minutes of gameplay and sees you embarking on the early stages of your adventure – meeting NPCs, choosing your character class and battling other players you meet. It finishes quite abruptly, but the narrative is very intriguing and certainly wets the appetite for more to come.

The retro Macintosh Hypercard visual style may not make total sense for what’s supposed to be a Yahoo! Chat based application, but it’s very effective nonetheless. The gameplay is more engaging than most visual novels and it’s great fun meeting the strange characters within its dying chatroom based game world. A unique and inventive approach to storytelling well worth checking out.

Download The a_neverending_night Prototype Here (Windows)

1 thought on “a_neverending_night – Prototype”

  1. Wow thanks so much for the nice review, I really appreciate it!

    A little confusing on the wording from my end regarding Yahoo, I meant just the era of roleplaying online back instead of literally basing it off the rooms. Really glad you enjoyed it, there is more to come!

    PS. Also, try choosing the Thief class and meeting S_DarkGemini_S again, if you happen to find a painting. ;)

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