Aaru’s Awakening is a fantastic 2D action platformer with a beautiful hand drawn art style inspired by 70s animation films.  You play as Aaru, the champion of dawn, a muscular beast who must travel through the domains of Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night and defeat the Night deity who has upset the balance in the world of Lumenox.

The big draw of Aaru’s Awakening is obviously that gorgeous hand drawn art style, with with the backdrops, character animations and special effects all combining to make the game look and  feel like a high quality anime cartoon.  The art style adds a wonderfully dreamy atmosphere to the game, which is exacerbated by the excellent, euphoric soundtrack.

As well as looking unique, Aaru’s Awakening shows inovaion in gameplay too.  Utilising an Abuse-style control scheme, Aaru can aim and fire his soul into the world, ricocheting off walls then teleporting to where it lands.  It’s a great mechanic that opens adds a lot of depth and some puzzle based elements to to game.

The Alpha Demo features 4 levels, and is a good taster for what Aaru’s Awakening has to offer.  An excellent action platformer with some stunning scenery.

Visit the Steam Greenlight page HERE

Download the Alpha Demo HERE