Abandon Ship – Game Jam Build Download

ABandon Ship Game Download

Abandon Ship is a wonderfully macabre stealth action game in which you play a murderous AI that must kill all the scavengers that have invaded your ship.

In Abandon Ship you are the AI on an automated ship that was sent on an important mission years ago, but has since lost power and been drifting in space. Some unfortunate scavengers have come across your ship and are in the process of stripping it for resources, but you can’t allow that to happen, you can’t allow your mission to be a failure. Luckily their ship has a power supply you could use to reactivate your engines, but you’ll have to dispatch those pesky intruders first…

You have several different ways of killing the scavengers, such as dropping crates on them or jettisoning them into space, but usually the best thing to do is hijack them with your nanobots. This gives you control of their body, allowing you to shoot to hijack more of them and collect that power source and bring it to your reactor.

Taking around five minutes to complete, it’s a great little game that impresses with its dark and moody atmosphere, stylish CRT TV-esque visuals, ominous audio and variety of gruesome ways to bump off the intruders. HAL’s got nothing on this murderous AI!

Note: It’s ‘Q’ to shoot, not ‘E’ as stated in the game. ‘E’ is used to pick up/drop the power core.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Abandon Ship Here (Windows)