Abomination Tower – Alpha Demo

abomination tower 1

Abomination Tower is a hardcore Super Meat Boy-style platformer with procedurally generated levels that are full of nasty ways die.

You play as a mad scientists creation trapped in a tower where you must ascend the tower to escape (lots of wall jumping). You can unlock heads along the way by collecting eyeballs (having 5 eyeballs when you finish the level will unlock the first head in the game, but the only one available in this demo). These heads provide power ups or special abilities to help you get through the level and are equipable at the start of each level.

You can play with keyboard controls, but you’ll stand a far better chance if you use an Xbox 360 controller.  The Alpha demo features just the one tile set, but thanks to the procedural generation, you won’t climb the same tower more than once.  It’s a fun game, clearly influenced by Super Meat Boy – challenging, bloody and an irreverand sense of humor.  The procedural generation is particularly exciting, but the special heads are also a great touch, and will at least give you a fighting chance as you make your way through this tower of abomination.

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Update: This Alpha Demo is no longer available