About Time – Alpha Demo

About Time offers an interesting fusion of first person run n’ gun combat, crafting, platforming and exploration as you take on the role of an experimental physicist who has found himself frozen in time.

Drawing inspiration from The Langoliers, Serious Sam and Rick and Morty, About Time sees you trapped in a frozen time bubble and attempting to repair your Temporal Reactor so you can escape. There’s lots of items scattered around the the game world that you can use to craft new equipment and repair your Temporal Reactor, but each time you do a repair on the it you’ll be assaulted by waves of Time Keepers.

The Time Keepers come in different forms, but each one can be deadly to you really need to keep your wits about you during combat. The combat feels like a classic Serious Sam-style shooter, where precision and strafing are key. These waves can be pretty tough, especially if you’ve not upgraded your weapon yet (but if you search you should have enough parts for an upgrade before the second wave). The Time Keepers do drop a lot of useful resources though when you kill them so they do have their uses!

It does have some rough edges (such as the voice work) and there’s quite a lot to wrap your head around (such as the multiple crafting stations and what all the craftable items actually do). Once you get to grips with it About Time is a great game though, that offers a nice mixture of old school FPS combat, exploration, crafting and weird time bending oddity. A unique FPS adventure well worth spending some (frozen) time with.

Download The About Time Alpha Demo Here (Windows)