Above Snakes – Prologue Download

Above Snakes is a very stylish isometric survival game where you build the world tile-by-tile and try to thrive and survive in its fictional Wild West setting.

The open world survival gameplay of Above Snakes takes place in a Wild West setting where a mysterious meteorite has caused the dead to rise from their graves. You’ll need to explore, hunt, craft, cook and build as you create a life for yourself, but you’ll also need to deal with the zombies that roam the lands.

It’s not just your home that you’ll be building in Above Snakes. You build the world too. As you play you can place different types of tiles to expand the world, allowing you access to new areas and new resources.

It’s a pleasantly easily accessible take on the survival genre that has a nice mixture of exploration, crafting and combat. The ability to build the world is a particularly nice touch and should make every playthrough different. Build a place for yourself in a world while also building the world!

Download The Above Snakes Prologue Here (Steam)