Abri – Game Jam Build Download

Abri, an atmospheric Global Game Jam 2019 game, allows you to explore a strange planet, lighting totems and collecting chests, which then help you explore more of the planet.

After landing on an alien planet you now are able to explore outside your little pod. The world around you is vastly unexplored, but full of interesting plants and objects. Chests dotted around the world can be collected and brought back to your base, providing new boosts and abilities. The only issue with the world is the ground – which seems to be poisonous to you.

There are plenty of tiles dotting along the ground, allowing you to walk without harm. At first, you can’t really see how much harm the ground is doing, but through collecting chests, you will start to see a health bar! After a while, you can even move faster, allowing you to walk across the ground for a bit more time. As you explore, you will start to discover strange totems that can be lit up, spawning more tiles around them, giving you a reprieve from the poisoned ground and allowing yo to explore further.

Although you die a lot, Abri is a relaxing experience, where dying isn’t that big of a deal and isn’t a result of being harmed by enemies. Exploring around and finding chests add a lot of mystery, as you are never quite sure what you are bringing back to your home. What will you find on this mysterious alien planet?

Download Abri Here (Windows)