ABRISS – Beta Demo

ABRISS is a physics-based destruction game where you build structures to destroy other structures in digital-brutalist cityscapes.

In ABRISS you build to destroy. Specifically, you build moving structures whose purpose is to destroy other large structures in each level. Your structures can be as simple as a large tower that falls in the right direction, or something a little more complex with lasers, rotation mechanisms and flexible links.

The current demo build of ABRISS features a handful of campaign levels and a sandbox mode to play around in. You can build a diverse array of structures using your fairly limited building materials and when you’re happy with what you’ve built you just press “Go!” and watch the carnage unfold.

When you fail a level it would be nice to have the option to modify the structure you built rather than having to start all over again. Other than that though, it’s a very promising game. The building mechanics are intuitive, the different building blocks allow for lots of creative solutions and the on-screen carnage when you unleash your creations is pretty spectacular. Smashing good fun!

Download The ABRISS Beta Demo Here (Windows)