Absolute Insanity – Alpha Download

Absolute Insanity is a fast-paced first person horror game where you attempt to defeat a freaky monster that evolves each time you kill it.

In Absolute Insanity you will face off in repeated battles against an enemy that evolves each time it dies. In each round you jump into a procedurally generated maze and attempt to kill a huge-faced monster that stalks you. You start each round unarmed, but you can choose a perk and there are plenty of single-use weapons scattered around the maze. When you kill the monster you start again, but the monster is more powerful and significantly uglier!

At the moment it feels a little too easy, the generic randomized maze layouts don’t really add anything and the evolutions don’t really make things much tougher, but it certainly has potential. It’s a fun concept, the freaky face monster is scary and there’s a nice variety of weaponry. A promising horror game where you face off against an evolving face!

Download The Absolute Insanity Alpha Here (Windows)