2 thoughts on “Absolver – Beta Sign Up”

  1. I heard about this game early in alpha and saw some really unfinished videos of it, was hype from the beginning. The beta caught me by surprise but my friend who’s currently in it keeps saying it has “A lot of dark souls-like elements in its combat system” and now I’m really stoked to give it a try. I loved the multiplayer in dark souls, just the net code was always too flimsy to really keep my attention as lag seemed to be the defining circumstance.

    I really want a look at this game and I’ve been starved for a 3rd person fighter since the For Honor community sort of dispersed, and I’d LOVE a look at this game.

  2. I have been waiting my whole life 4 a game as Absolver and to be honest i cant wait 4 the drop so plz bless be me with this beta of Absolver. i Honestly love martial arts and adventure and mmo’s this game is 100% a great idea thats is why i must try this beta

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