Acceptance – Game Jam Build Download


Acceptance, a visual novel originally made for the Jam for Leelah, has you experiencing the day to day challenges of early transition.

You were born the wrong gender. You feel like one gender, but your body is the opposite. Everyday you have to play a game of trying to be who you really are – from the way you dress to what you are doing. You want to live your life normally, but it seems your gender is bound to get in the way.

Everywhere you go, you try to be who you want to be. Other people, however, see you differently. They see you as the gender you physically are, not the one you feel you are. This causes a lot of issues and gives you a few decisions to make. Things like what bathroom to use or what to do for exercise. Each of these decisions has to be considered carefully, as some may be quite harder to deal with. In between the daily activities of your life, you may want to give up, to quit this act. You know who you want to be, but in the back of your head is doubt that you will ever be you. See how your life would be different if you weren’t seen as the gender you think you are.

Download Acceptance Here (Win, Mac & Linux)