Accident – Beta Demo

Accident is a vehicle crash simulation game where you turn up to road accidents, help the victims, perform first aid and investigate the cause and timeline of the accident.

In Accident you are a journalist who enters simulations of vehicle crash sites to discover what really happened there. When in the simulations you’ll explore the crash site, make the site safe, provide first aid, search for evidence and attempt to reconstruct a timeline of the events.

The current build of Accident features a tutorial stage and one full mission which involves a crash between a lorry and two cars. The reconstruction is pretty accurate so it doesn’t shy away from showing the horrors that can occur in a crash and you’ll have to work fast to try and save as many lives as possible.

Car crash simulation may sound like grim subject matter, and it is a little, but it’s also a fascinating experience that can teach you how to respond to different emergency situations. The way you can respond to the accident and the detailed recreation of the life saving first aid you give is very impressive, adding a real air of authenticity to the proceedings.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Accident Beta Demo Here (Steam)