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Achaem is a fun fast paced hack n’ slash roguelike adventure set within an ever-changing infinite destructible voxel-based world.

In Achaem you take on the role of a tourist who inadvertently stumbles into a scar in time created by Achaem – a supernatural entity from the First Persian Empire. You find yourself trapped in a strange, ever shifting infinite land and agree to help Achaem fight off an army of robotic intruders in return for him sending you back home once you’ve succeeded.

What this means for the player is plenty of fast paced hack n’ slash roguelike gameplay that sees you battling swarms of robots, collecting cash and purchasing upgrades. The current demo build offers a fairly shallow, but stylish and fun experience that sees you attempting to survive as long as possible against an onslaught of alien robots. You can collect cash, upgrades and customisations that you can then purchase and equip at the shop area which pops up every time you level up. Each time you level up the enemies get tougher though so it’s worth searching for some cash before levelling up.

The current build of Achaem is still very early in development so is missing a lot of features, but the core gameplay is great fun and the fully destructible ever-shifting terrain is a joy to see in motion. It shows a lot of promise, with a little more depth and a bit of balancing it could be voxel smashing hit.

Note: Don’t go near the rocket-shooting robots that destroy the terrain – they can kill you instantly! Also, The store only seems to pop up when using mouse and keyboard (it seems to disappear when using a control pad).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Check Out The Achaem Kickstarter Page & Download the Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

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    • Yeah, it only ever seemed to pop up when using the mouse & keyboard though. When playing with a gamepad it didn’t appear once.

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