ACIDSOUL – Alpha Demo

ACIDSOUL is a very cool Manga styled sports adventure game that plans to bring a fully fledged narrative, quirky enemies, fatalities, RPG elements and boss fights to the fast paced game of air hockey.

In ACIDSOUL players will be able to experience fast paced air hockey action in an hand drawn narrative adventure that sees you battling at least 17 unique enemies, each with their own characteristics and special moves. You’ll be able to equip your character with the special moves of the enemies you defeat and even pull of brutal fatality finishing moves that literally cause your opponents to explode. As well as a full single player adventure it’ll also feature local and online multiplayer that will allow you to test your reflexes against a human opponent.

The current demo build is fairly limited but fun, allowing you to face off against one of the game’s opponents – a drunk with a special move that sees him passing out on the table. It’s very tough, but great fun, thanks largely to the gorgeous hand drawn visuals, cool special effects and frantic reflex testing gameplay.

It’s still very early in development, but ACIDSOUL is off to a great start, with challenging gameplay that requires real skill and a steady hand to master, cool special moves and excellent artwork that’s packed full of nice little touches. Pucking good fun.

Note: Don’t be ashamed to drop the difficulty down to Easy – ACIDSOUL is a very tough game!

Download The ACIDSOUL Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)

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