Ad Infernum – Pre-Alpha Demo

Ad Infernum is a first person survival horror adventure where you complete dark rituals at a gas station in the middle of the desert while being hunted by freaky demonic monsters.

Currently in development by Entropy Phi, Creator of Heliophobia, Ad Infernum is a fast paced first person survival horror game where a car crash has killed your friend and left you stranded at a gas staton in the middle of a desert. The only other “living” things around are near-unkillable demonic beings that will chase and try to kill you if they spot you. Thankfully the gas station contains a safe room that you can recuperate and craft useful items in, and someone has been kind enough to leave some notes scattered around that may help you carry out arcane rituals and escape this hellish place.

The Ad Infernum pre-Alpha Demo takes around 20-30 minutes to play through and although it’s very early in development, there’s a lot to like about it already. It’s a non-linear experience that gives you the freedom to explore the environment and complete objectives in any order you want. Some of the weapons can be frustratingly ineffective (the hand gun especially) but the character movement feels very fluid, with you able to vault objects, slide and climb drain pipes as you try to evade the monsters.

There’s lots to discover in Ad Infernum’s mysterious gas station and the excellent audio and visual design help build a great sense of atmosphere as you explore it. It’s a promising setting for a horror game and it’ll be interesting to find out exactly what the hell is going on there!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ad Infernum Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)