Ada – Kickstarter Demo

Ada is a top down open world action RPG set in a dream-like and beautifully animated open world that’s filled with secrets, traps and deadly enemies.

In Ada you take control of a young woman called Ada as she travels through a land that’s familiar, but where nothing is quite as she remembers it. It’s littered with monsters and enemies to fight and deadly traps to avoid, along with mysterious mechanisms that can be activated by using your magical abilities.

The current build of Ada features a large open are for you to explore and takes around 20 minutes to play through. There’s lots to discover as you delve into the mysterious world, with branching routes, hidden secrets, quirky NPCs to chat to and various different types of enemy to dispatch.

The combat could do with a little work as it lacks finesse and feels a little clunky at the moment, but other than that it’s a very impressive game. The beautifully crafted pixel art game world is a fascinating place to explore, with new dangers and mysterious secrets hidden around every corner. Curiosity will most likely be the death of you on more than one occasion, but it won’t stop you in your quest to uncover the secrets of Ada’s mysterious land.

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