Adam and Ricky – Beta Demo

Adam and Ricky is a very funny pixel art action RPG that sees a near-naked man and a talking pig buddy battling Hitler and his henchmen through multiple historical eras.

Playable in single player or local co-op Adam and Ricky allows you to take control of Adam (a man who uses ranged weapons) and Ricky (a talking pig who loves to melee). Both characters have normal attacks and three special attacks that are on cooldowns and if you’re playing in single player you can switch between the two characters by pressing ‘Q’.

Right from the offset it’s a very funny game, with a wonderfully wicked sense of humor. The demo sees you attempting to save a rabbit’s daughter from being used as a ‘virgin’ sacrifice by the Nazis, which requires you to storm the Nazi’s camp and battle a badass boss. There’s lots of other stuff to discover in the game world though, with you able to freely explore the vast game world, hunting Nazis, collecting gold and completing side quests.

It can be quite tough at times and being sent right back to the start if you die is a bit of a bummer, but otherwise Adam and Ricky is a blast. A bright, cheery and witty action RPG adventure with fun combat and a large game world what’s packed full of cool stuff to discover. A delightful outing for Adam and his porcine buddy.

Note: Upon starting the game you’ll need to press ‘Return’ to activate your character.

Download The Adam and Ricky Beta Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)