Adaptation – Alpha Demo

Adaptation is an odd little first person horror game where a game of “The Floor is Lava” turns deadly as a young kid is terrorized by a monster that lives under the ground.

Currently in development by Periltek (creator of Recurrent), Adaptation is a first person horror adventure where you take on the role of a young kid who is keeping himself entertained while his mother is out at work. You can watch TV (if you find the remote) and mess about with your various toys, but the real entertainment comes in the form of a good game of The Floor is Lava.

To play you must grab various cushions, boxes, crates and toys and scatter them around your home, then use them as platforms to avoid the lava while you make your way around the house. Although the lava is very much just in your imagination, you’ll still get injured if you fall into it so you need to recuperate using snacks and first aid supplies. It’s all fun and games, but when you venture outside in search of your mum things take an altogether more sinister turn…

The current demo build of Adaptation could do with making the initial in-house Floor is Lava game a little shorter and easier as it does drag for a while. It’s a great concept though and when you get outside things really get interesting. The way the monster protrudes from the ground is very unsettling and it makes for a very tense experience as you hop from object to object. Forget The Floor is Lava, The Floor is Monsters is a much better game!

Download the Adaption Alpha Demo Here (Windows)