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Addiction, being created by BadRequest, is an ultra creepy, adrenaline pumping sci-fi survival horror game that sees you trapped on a space vessel with no power, no people and a ship full of deadly shadows.

There is only one objective in Addiction and that is to survive. The ship you awaken on is without power and most of the areas around you are only dimly lit. You, as the player, must go through a set of corridors, that are set out like a maze, to reactivate the power on the ship. Strange occurrences begin to happen as you walk the halls of the ship, varying from eerie noises from an unknown source to machinery randomly shutting off and going completely haywire, and then there’s the shadow wraiths to deal with too….

Addiction (the games current working title) is being created in the Unreal 4 engine which works beautifully when it comes to bring a Sci-Fi environment to life. The architecture and level design are absolutely pristine, showcasing what can be done in UE4 if you put time and effort into your work. The use of the dim lighting thrown in with the look and feel of your surroundings makes you feel truly alone and almost helpless in your current situation. As you delve deeper into the abandoned ship the corridors slowly progress from being lit up to being completely pitch black, leaving the player gripped with fear.

The enemies of Addiction don’t make things any easier either. They play with the player’s mind, bending the light to trick the players eyes, seeing flashes of creepy imagery that will stun you with fear. The shadow wraiths themselves are terrifying, quickly moving from one point to the next in a blink of an eye. They hide in the darkness and use this to capture and subdue you with a few short hits.

Addiction is still only in Alpha, but it’s already a highly polished experience that will strike you with an unshakeable fear, and will have you gripped in your seat from start to finish. Massively impressive when it comes to atmosphere and game design, Addiction will have any fan of survival horror grin from ear to ear (and quake in fear).

Download the Addiction Alpha Build Here (Windows and Mac)

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  1. Hi, i will play several of your alphas and betas on my youtube channel.
    How can i get in contact with you?

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