AdventNEON – Alpha Download

AdventNEON is a wonderfully hyperactive action platforming adventure that plays a little like the Mega Man Zero games, but with much more speed, more anarchy and a Smash Bros-esque platform fighter style of combat.

In AdventNEON you step into the shoes of Neon, a spiky-haired combat robot whose power scales as he dishes out beatdowns. So the more pain you inflict, the more powerful you become, but you have to be careful – if you get hit once then you lose all that accumulated power.

The current build of AdventNEON features three large levels and two challenging boss fights. There’s a nice variety throughout the levels and the boss fights are pretty spectacular. Neon is a lot of fun to control too, with great agility, speed and a combat style that allows you to unleash some massive flurries of combos. A particularly useful move is your wavedash which allows you to sash through attacks and attack enemies when they’re vulnerable.

It’s a very unique take on the action platforming genre with a fantastic art style and some delightfully hyperactive action platforming gameplay. A fast, fun and stylish action platformer full of hyperactive anarchic carnage.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download AdventNEON Alpha Here (Windows)