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  1. Thanks all you Guys at AlphaBetaGamer for our first review ever. I must say you found us Early on. Good work! ..and here We where planing to roll out the super early alpha very slow, almost keeping it a secret from media. But, during the first night since the review, we got over 600 applications for testers of the Alpha, entirely thanks to your article! Suddenly we are in the spotlight and we can feel it, in a Very positive way. This is all fun. Especially as we are a small 4 man indie games studio that has been working with what ever small resources we have and during spare time and night hours in the early phase. This is just so fun! This also calls for us to work even harder, adding more content and more features to the game. Next up is new assets, towers, castles, walls and fortifications, then a basic battle system, magic and skills, character system (where you can modify your own character a lot) and on top of that, the whole adventure maker and the Lore. First out will be the “Ghost Hunter” chapter. This is a small adventure that fills the function as a template for how to make your own game and to bring players into our game and game mechanics.
    As the player takes on to rebuild the world (as there was a magic war 300 years ago, laying waste to the Empires and civilized world) the first missions is to keep the lands of Man, Dwarf and Goblins free from Ghosts, Ghouls and flesh eating Zombies. This will be the first part for the Lore and the storytelling.
    Well.. once again. Thanks for the Review. We have our hands full with applications from great people.
    We love this. We are basically gamers our-self, creating a game that allows you all to create your own games. Have fun and please support us and stay in touch as we update the game every week.
    Play more games!
    Take care of our planet! Its the only one we have!

    / Michael Stenmark

    • Thanks Michael! Really glad to help spread the word about your game, and I’ll certainly look forward to the new additions in it. I’m not surprised you were inundated with entries – it’s an impressive game! Best of luck with Adventure Box, I can’t wait to see what the future brings for it! :)

  2. Thanks again Calum.
    I am very happy to hear your kind words. That means a lot.
    We have been working day and night for about 3 years now and at first with almost no resources but a crazy will to create the game world and the game engine and tools of our dreams.
    This is by far the most exiting project I have been into during my 30 years in the games industry (well I think it is equal to the “Dice, pen and paper games” that I started up with all those years ago. I still love RPGs and miniature battle games).
    We are also happy to look into the future and to bring to you guys, all the vast library of content that we have been building up during the last 3 years.
    It is finally taking form. : )

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