AdVenture Communist – Open Beta (Steam)

AdVenture Communist

AdVenture Communist is a highly addictive official successor to AdVenture Capitalist that brings communism and potatoes to the incremental clicker genre!

In AdVenture Communist your aim is to grow your quaint little potato farm into a vast empire that deals in ore, weapons, medicine and even more potatoes! Those who have played AdVenture Capitalist (or any incremental clicker) will know the drill – click to earn cash, to buy more upgrades, to reduce the amount you have to click to earn more cash.

It’s still very much an incremental clicker, but there is quite a it more management strategy involved in AdVenture Communist than your traditional clicker. Your workforce and upgrades don’t cost money to buy – you purchase them with other resources resources. So to purchase a soldier it will cost 368 potatoes, 15 bullets, 5 miners and 3 pills. This makes it much of a balancing act as you manage your workforce and buy upgrades – and there are a LOT of upgrades!

At the moment there seems to be a heavy reliance on using scientists to unlock some of the more significant upgrades. Scientists can be awarded during normal play via daily awards but until you’ve unlocked the ‘run all industries’ button the drops are few and far between (there is another way later on in the game, but it requires a lot of resources), so unless you’re very patient, you may end up forking out some real cash to get your potato empire up and running. It is very addictive though, so if the devs just give you slightly more scientists at the start, it could end up being another clicking classic.

Tip: The fastest way to collect scientists initially is by manually clicking the harvest buttons for the resources which will cause the daily random drops to land. So make sure you unlock the ‘Run All Industries’ button as soon as possible, it speeds things up a lot!

Download The AdVenture Communist Open Beta Here (Steam)