Adventure Craft – Pre-Alpha Demo


Adventure Craft is a fun procedurally generated action RPG in which you scavenge, fight, craft and build in an attempt to survive in a dangerous wilderness.

It’s inspired The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft and Starbound, but has far more in common with Don’t Starve – with you attempting to scavenge and gather resources during the daytime, then fending off dangerous beasts during the night.  As you progress you’ll craft weapons and tools, build and customise your house, meet NPC allies, tame pets and hunt rare monsters – all in single player or multiplayer co-op modes.

Even in these early stages of development is an impressive game, an epic endless sandbox RPG with fun gameplay and a great pixel art visual style.  Sweet sandbox survival.

Note: The crafting system isn’t explained fully in the current build – you must drag items in your inventory into the column on the right hand side of the menu to craft them.  Large objects (such as logs), may need to be broken down into smaller objects (such as sticks) before they’re of use.  Happy crafting!

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