Adventures of Chai – Game Jam Build Download

Adventures of Chai is an inventive puzzle platformer where you can record your actions and rewind time to work alongside previous versions of yourself.

Created for the Brackeys Jam 2020.2, in Adventures of Chai you control a cute little creature called Chai who has the nifty ability to rewind time. In each level your aim is to make your way to the exit, but often this requires the pressing of a pressure switch to open a door to the exit or to activate a mechanism. Thankfully, you can rewind time at any point you like, which then creates a copy of you that retraces your previous steps – essentially allowing you to be in two places at the same time and allowing you to work alongside the previous version of yourself to reach the exit.

It’s a fun little puzzle game with a beautiful visual style and some very cleverly crafted levels that require lots of forward planning as you figure out the best actions for your recorded self to take. See how good you are at playing with yourself!

Download Adventures of Chai Here (Windows)

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