Adventures of Stickman – Alpha Download

Adventures of stickman game

Adventures of Stickman is a fun puzzle platformer in which you can draw objects in the game world to assist your progress throughout the game.

In Adventures of Stickman you control a charming little stickman who must traverse hazards, avoid enemies and overcome obstacles on his way to the end of the levels. He’s not the most nimble of heroes and he doesn’t have any skills other than being able to run and jump, but he doesn’t really need any – because you are there to assist with your magic pencil!

Adventures of Stickman plays like a normal platformer, but at any point in the game you can pause by pressing the ‘Shift’ button to enter ‘draw mode’. In draw mode you can create platforms, boulders and other objects that will assist your little stickman in a variety of ways.

It’s still early in development so still has a few rough edges (such as the excessive distance the character slides along the ground when stopping) but it’s great fun experimenting with different drawings and playing around with the game world. We look forward to seeing more of Adventures of Stickman as it’s shaping up to be a very cool little doodle jumper.

Download The Adventures of Stickman Here (Windows)

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