Aegis Descent – Beta Demo

Aegis Descent is a bombastic roguelite Sci-Fi FPS set towards the end of WWII, which sees you piloting a mech and blasting robotic aliens that have overrun a secret testing facility.

In Aegis Descent you jump into the shoes of a skilled WWII pilot who takes control of a new experimental mech vehicle called the Aegis. It’s heavily armed and highly manoeuvrable, which will come in handy as you blast the hordes of robotic aliens that you encounter on your mission.

The demo build of Aegis Descent features the first full stage and sees you piloting your way through a series of caverns then blasting a big boss. There are various different types of cavern, with some offering varying levels of challenge and some offering a little respite from the aliens and allowing you to get repairs, perks of upgrades. At the end of each combat cavern you’re also able to choose a stackable upgrade, so choosing the best route through the caverns is a major part of the strategy.

The combat in Aegis Descent is fast paced, fun and filled with lots of satisfying destruction. You have two main guns that you can switch between, as well as guided missiles, a dash attack and an area of effect attack. Overusing the guns can cause them to overheat though and you also have to try and conserve ammo and battery power for the other attacks.

It’s a very promising game with high quality visuals, excellent audio design, fast paced gameplay, plenty of replayability and lots of carnage. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Aegis Descent Beta Demo Here (Steam)