Aerannis – Alpha Demo


Aerannis is a fun Megaman-esque action adventure with stealth elements that see’s you playing an assassin in a world populated only by women.

Having already completed a successful Kickstarter and Greenlit on Steam, Aerannis is off to a great start.  You play Ceydya, a Bulgarian-Turk trans-woman who has been cast aside from society, being seen as neither a ‘true Bulgarian’ or a ‘true woman’.  This has led you to a life of crime, taking jobs as an assassin to make a living, but you soon uncover a conspiracy which could change the whole of society as you know it.

Underneath the rather complex and intriguing storyline, Aerannis is a mission based action platformer with stealth elements, featuring a wide variety of enemies, excellent pixel art animation, and epic boss battles.  It’s a fun game, reminiscent of old school action platformers, but with some unique twists, such as being able to use hostages as human shields or laying traps for enemies.

Featuring charming pixel art visuals, an interesting storyline, stealth elements and Megaman-esque jump-and-shoot gameplay, Aerannis is a fun and delightfully intriguing game.

Note: It’s recommended to save as often as possible, Aerannis is still a work in progress and may be prone to crashing.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

2 thoughts on “Aerannis – Alpha Demo”

  1. “You play Ceydya, a Bulgarian-Turk trans-woman who has been cast aside from society as a being neither a true Bulgarian or a true woman.” this line is very transphobic, you should change ‘true woman’ to ‘cis woman’

    • Hi! Thanks for the feedback. Sorry, we can’t change it to ‘cis woman’ as hardly any of our readers will know what that means. We’ve changed the wording slightly though to minimise any offense. :)

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