Aero GPX – Alpha Demo

Aero GPX is a high speed futuristic racing game that’s essentially the F-Zero sequel we’ve all been waiting for, but Nintendo refuse to make.

Everything about Aero GPX screams F-Zero, complete with wide gravity-defying race-tracks, 30 on-screen racers, boost pads, jumps, tubular sections and massive amounts of speed. The controls are very responsive and you can even engage in a little ship-to-ship combat by shunting other vehicles.

The demo build of Aero GPX allows you to play through a full GP with five unique tracks. As far as an F-Zero style racer goes, it’s pretty faultless, with responsive controls, a nice selection of tracks and a cool minimalist art style. As with Ex Zodiac, it seems that devs are getting fed up of waiting for Nintendo to create the sequels we want so are making their own. Which is no bad thing at all!

Download The Aero GPX Alpha Demo Here (Steam)