Aeronaut – Game Jam Build

Aeronaut is a charming little arcade flying game where you pilot a little biplane through a procedurally generated archipelago delivering mail to the houses below.

Created for PROCJAM 2020, Aeronaut is a little PICO-8 power game where you deliver mail using a cute little biplane to a cluster of procedurally generated islands. You can fly around, increase and decrease your pitch and press Z to drop mail.

You get cash for each letter you deliver (with you earning more depending on how close you drop it to the house) which you can then spend on various visual upgrades by landing back at your base. You’ve also got to keep an eye on your fuel gauge and look out for thunderclouds which may zap you with lightning.

It’s a fun little game with a delightful pixel art visual style, addictive gameplay and lots of cosmetic options to unlock for your little plane. A bite sized mail-dropping adventure well worth dropping in on.

Download or Play Aeronaut Here (Windows, Mac, Linux, Browser & PICO-8)