Aeterna: Noctis – Kickstarter Demo

Aeterna: Noctis is a beautifully animated non-linear action platforming adventure where you become the King of Darkness and attempt to defeat the Queen of Light to reclaim your throne.

Currently in development by Six Station Games, Aeterna: Noctis takes place in a world called Aeterna, which was created by Chaos – the Supreme God and the creator of the universe. After two factions turned against their creator and went to war with each other, Chaos cursed the leaders of both sides (the King of Darkness and the Queen of Light) with immortality and condemned them to fight each other in an eternal war. After being bested in the last battle, you take control of the King of Darkness as he regathers his abilities and faces the Queen once more.

The Aeterna: Noctis Kickstarter demo features a sizable chunk of gameplay and can take around an hour to play through. There’s a nice mixture of platforming and combat and although the platforming is a little imprecise, the game world is a fascinating place to explore, filled with gorgeous artwork, deadly hazards and secrets to discover.

There are some serious issues with the current build of Aeterna: Noctis – there are some severe framerate issues in some areas leading to a lot of accidental deaths, the combat is pretty basic and the checkpoint system needs work (there are hardly any of them). It is still early in development though so it’s likely these issues will be addressed in the future and there’s a lot to like about Aeterna: Noctis – the animation is fantastic, the lore is interesting and the level design offers a nice amount of challenge. An eternal battle well worth taking part in.

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  1. Really loved the Hollow Knight meets GRIS art style, here. You guys have created a really compelling world. Jump physics took me a while to get used to, but I came around to them and like them. Fetch the key by jumping over gears and double gears with moving platforms section had me thinking, “Um… this one may be a little too hard for me.” Not Celeste hard, but not “casual” either. To calibrate my feedback, I’m a 47 year old dad, very much into platformers.

    Mainly I’m just here to deliver praise. Wonderful work, guys! Watching for the full release.

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