Afloat – Student Game Download

Afloat is a beautiful third person action game where a flying robot harvests energy from flying fish to help a flying city survive an impending storm.

Created by students at the Vancouver Film School, in Afloat you take control of a robot that can glide and use a grapple tether to swing through the air. Your purpose is to harvest energy from the fish that float around in the air and use their energy to keep your city powered up enough to survive a storm.

It can be a little confusing initially, but once you figure out what you have to do it’s a lot of fun flying around and doing a bit of sky fishing. It’s a strange and oddly tranquil game with a beautiful game environment and some great looking fish (and a huge flying whale). The movement feels great (particularly the swinging) and it’s a pretty original premise. Well worth checking out for a bit of fly(ing) fishing!

Download Afloat Here (Windows)