Aftercharge – Open Alpha

Aftercharge is a fun 3v3 asymmetric multiplayer arena game that features competitive first person combat between invincible security guards and invisible robots.

As we mentioned during the closed Alpha sign up, Aftercharge offers fast paced asymmetric combat between one team of robots who are attempting to destroy six Extractors and one team of guards who are attempting to protect them. The robots are fast, melee-focused units that are able to stay invisible until they attack, while the guards are invincible and armed with a selection of high powered weaponry. It doesn’t matter too much if the guards are invincible though – the Extractors that they’re protecting aren’t!

Success in Aftercharge requires teamwork, especially with the robot team, with some robots creating diversions to lure the guards away from the Extractors, while the other robot can sneak in undetected and start pummelling them to pieces. It’s a fun and fresh take on the tactical team based arena combat genre, well worth checking out for some competitive asymmetric robo-carnage!

Download The Aftercharge Open Alpha Here (Steam)