Afterdream – Alpha Demo

Afterdream is a surreal lucid dreaming horror game where you use a mysterious camera to navigate a grimy apartment building that haunts your dreams.

In Afterdream you follow the story of a young woman who gets lost in a lucid dream where she’s trapped in a gross dilapidated apartment block. The game plays similarly to a point and click adventure, with you searching for useful objects and using them to help solve puzzles. A key piece of equipment is a mysterious camera that you find, which allows you to make certain objects appear or disappear by taking pictures of them. You may also meet some of the residents, who are more than a little weird…

The Afterdream demo takes around 15 minutes to play through, and although there are no big scares, it’s a very tense and atmospheric experience. It’s got a very unique visual style and the grimy apartment block is a fascinating and terrifying place to explore. The camera mechanics work well and allow for some inventive puzzle design, and the audio design is excellent. A horrifying dream you won’t want to wake up from.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Of Afterdream Here

Download The Afterdream Alpha Demo Here (Steam)