AFTERSTORY – Game Jam Build Download


AFTERSTORY, a charming looking, but surprisingly dark Undertale inspired adventure made for the GMC Jam 2016, has you deciding the fates of strange monsters in the afterlife.

You have just died and have woken up in a strange limbo populated by lots of odd looking monsters. A human called Alexander is there to greet you, though you do not learn a great deal about what happened, why you are here, or who any of these strange creatures are. As you explore this little area, you are able to find missing diary pages that explain more of what is going on through Alexander’s eyes. Most of the other creatures here are not humans, but instead are outlined shapes of things like cats, bananas, and other oddities.

There are a few huge monsters, each with a task that they need your help with. These monsters are in color, not transparent, and are rumored to have a large amount of spirit in them. You soon find that you may need spirit to escape this place. After reading the diary, listening to what the last human did, it’s up to you; do you want to kill the other monsters for your own gain? Or live forever in this strange afterlife?  Their fate is in your hands.

Download AFTERSTORY Here (Windows)