Against Great Darkness – Pre-Alpha Download

Against Great Darkness is a roguelite brick-breaker shoot ‘em up, where paragons of pagan mythology attempt to fight their way out of Hell.

In Against Great Darkness you will choose from a selection of uniquely skilled paragons and then fight your way through waves of demonic entities as you attempt to escape Hell. Each of the paragons has a different type of secondary attack, but the primary type of attack are orbs that you bounce around the screen like a Break-Out style brick-breaker game.

After eliminating each wave you are given a choice of two random events, such as visiting a shop, going to a shrine or meeting strangers. This generally results in you earning perks and upgrades which can aid you on your journey out of Hell.

Blending roguelite, shoot ‘em up and brick-breaker gameplay is a clever idea and it works perfectly in Against Great Darkness. The pixel art visuals are fantastic, the gameplay is very addictive and there’s a nice selection of upgrades and random events between each wave. A hellish brick-breaking shooter that plays like Heaven.

Download Against Great Darkness Pre Alpha Here (Windows)