.Age – Alpha Demo

Age game

.Age is a wonderful new blend of punishing roguelite and god sim in which you must help a small village survive and prosper through a variety of disasters and diseases.

Inspired by FTL and Agricola, it looks fairly simple, but with dangerous randomised events, permadeath and scarce resources to manage, .Age is deceptively tricky.  You play a village elder with clairvoyant powers, who must tell the rest of his village what to build, harvest and research, with an aim of helping them survive for three harsh years.  This won’t be easy though, as things get tougher as time goes on, with more and more adverse conditions impacting you – a mass diarrhoea outbreak can really do some damage (and there are even worse plights than faecal epidemics later on).

Even in these early stages of development, .Age impresses, the battle for survival in this charming pixel art village constantly throws up new and deadly surprises.  Life is hard in .Age, but it’s also great fun.

Download The .Age Alpha Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)